28 outubro 2007

Carlos Sousa fica de fora no UAE Desert Challenge - Rally do Dubai

The pilot of the Potuguesian Lagos Team, Carlos Sousa, was forced to share its withdrawal at the start of the next line of the Dubai Rally (27 October to 2 November) due to physical problems experienced after the Rally of Morocco. The Portuguese pilot will thus fulfill a program of recovery with a view to presenting 100% in the Dakar.

After the thousands of kilometers of tests carried out in Tunisia and the participation in the Rally of Morocco, Carlos Sousa, felt pain in the lumbar area that prevented from being in the fullness of their way to the proof of Dubai. Observed by the medical team of Volkwagen Motorsport, the pilot was immediately advised to replace the part that evidence in a program for specific and intensive physical training for two weeks, with the aim of recovering in time for the Lisbon Dakar Rally scheduled for next month January.

Having been subjected to the most advanced exams, coordinated by Dr. Peil (Doctor of VW Motorsport) in a specialist clinic in Germany, was decided in total agreement with the leaders of the Lagos Team and the Volkswagen Motorsport, that the best option would be, Carlos Sousa did not go to Dubai and starting a new cycle of preparation physics.

The plan to prepare for the "Dakar" includes a new session of tests at the beginning of December, where the pilot Portuguese resume the steering wheel of his VW Touareg 2.

Carlos Sousa said the purpose of this small contratempo: "Luckily I have many miles to the VW Touareg version Dakar, and for being absent from the Rally of Dubai, will enable it to develop a program directed more to my needs, to participate in full in Euromilhões Lisbon / Dakar. It is a sensible position that meets the consensus among all those involved in my sports career. The aim of running the Rally of Dubai was to make more kilometers of preparation for the Lisbon / Dakar. I will prepare the best my physical condition to be able to enjoy fully the Volkswagen Race Touareg in the most important of the world, and try my best result ever.


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