04 janeiro 2012

Quarta etapa na pista...

Inicio da especial para os motards pelas 12h45 - hora de Lisboa; para os autos cerca de duas horas mais tarde...

The most experienced drivers will be able to enjoy counting the dried-up rivers that they will cross during the day. They will also have time to admire the spectacular canyons of the Province of Rioja, but it is in their best interest to remain extremely vigilant. Nobody will be able to keep up a steady pace during the special stage. Whether it be the navigational subtleties at the end of the route or the small hurdles to overcome, there will be many occasions to lose time here. It is likely that once the rally has reached Chilecito, one or two of the competitors will have already been eliminated from the battle for the title!

Inicio de especial calmo nas motos..., em WP1: Coma, Gonçalves +13'', Despres +15'', Lopez +1'06'', Verhoeven +1'08'', Rodrigues +1'10'', Faria+1'19'', Casteu +1'20''.

...em WP2: Coma, Lopez +2'06'', Pain +2'34'', Rodrigues +2'37'', Despres +2'49'', Verhoeven +3'03''. Gonçalves seguiu caminho errado e já perde mais de oito minutos para Coma

...em WP3: Coma, Despres +1'51'', Rodrigues +2'34'', Pain +3'05'', Ullevalseter +3'28'', Lopez +3'29'', Verhoeven +3'03''. Gonçalves é 18º a 8'21''

...em WP4: Coma, Despres +2'48'', Rodrigues +4'33'', Pain +5'54'', Lopez +5'59'', Gonçalves +6'46'', Ullevalseter +7'00''.

...em WP5: Coma, Despres +3'49'', Rodrigues +6'20'', Svitko +6'50'', Gonçalves +7'43'', Verhoeven +8'23', Garcia +9'37'', Lopez +10'21''

...em WP6: Coma, Despres +2'47'', Verhoeven +8'11', Rodrigues +8'17'', Gonçalves +10'25''.

Os autos vão chegando a WP1: Al-Attiyah, Holowczyc +24'', Roma+31'', Terranova +41'', De Villiers +42''. Sousa oitavo a um minuto. Gordon já perde mais de cinco minutos.

...em WP2: Al-Attiyah, Peterhansel +18'', Terranova +1'18'', Roma+1'25'', De Villiers +1'31'', Holowczyc +2'44''. Gordon continua a perder tempo..., mais de treze minutos para a liderança...

...em WP3: Al-Attiyah, Peterhansel +41'', Terranova +1'42'', De Villiers +2'15'', Roma +2'31'', Novotskiy +3'14'', Sousa +3'49'', Holowczyc +3'55''.

...em WP4: Al-Attiyah, Peterhansel +1'48'', Terranova +2'33'', De Villiers +5'48'', Roma +6'36'', Ten Brinke +6'36'', Holowczyc +6'57'', Sousa +10'25'', Novotskiy +10'34''.

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