05 janeiro 2011

Crossing the border...

After a very long link stage, enabling the rally to cross from Argentina in to Chile, via the summit of the rally at more than 4600 metres’ altitude, at the end of the morning the competitors will tackle a short 206-km special, which will be quick to start with then rather technical to finish.Visibly free of problems involving his engine cutting out, Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah (VW) should make the most of it to try and regain some more time from the leader of the general standings, his team-mate Spaniard Carlos Sainz (VW). Unless of course, “El Matador” takes advantage of a WRC type terrain to erase the disappointment of the 3rd stage…As regards the bike category, the struggle will continue between the rivals in the KTM team, Despres et Coma. Clearly dominated by the Spaniard during the 3rd stage, the Frenchman will be trying to put time between him and his adversary again. As for Coma, he will be charged with opening the road for the first time on this 33rd edition of the Dakar.Lastly, for is arrival in his home country, Chilean “Chaleco” Lopez (Aprilia) will want to send a strong message out to the rest of the field.Lest we forget: the day’s route will be the same for all the categories.

fonte: dakar.com

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