04 janeiro 2007

Brasileiro Klever Kolberg com novo motor Mitsubishi

During the tests before the Rally Dakar, the Brasilian pair Klever Kolberg and Eduardo Bampi could check the performance of the new engine of their Mitsubishi Pajero 3,8 V6. "In the sand the news engine is more powerful", commented the pilot of the team Petrobras Lubrax. Last year the engine of the Mitsubishi had 260 hp and passed to 280 hp this year. The torque also increased, of 38kgf.m for 43kgf.m, the 3,500 rpm. "In the test of gasoline consumption the car also was well, and this is important for the Dakar. Of nothing the car advances to have much power if to consume excessively ", analyzes Klever. The preparation of the engine was made by the French company "Eureka", specialized in competition-cars and with experience, for example, in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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